Wall Sculptures
Moorish idol Reef
Approx. 13 inches
Solo Turtles
Approx. 6  inches each.

These can be arranged on a wall
however you choose!
Red Rock Fish Reef
Approx. 18 inches
More designs being posted soon!  Crabs, squid, corals of many colors, sting-rays, sharks, octopus, whales etc...
Small and large reef scenes.  Individual glass reef components to arrange and create wall installations.

Flowers, birds,  trees, and other natural designs coming soon.

Easy,  streamline, professional mounting system.
Sea Turtle Reef Sculpture

Approx. 18 inches tall

on display at NJM gallery
"In Bloom"
wall sculpture
15" x 10"
Available at www.njmgallery.com
Octopus and Turtle Reef Sculpture

Approx. 24 inches tall
Feeding Squid Sculpture

Approx. 24 inches wide
"The protector"
wall sculpture
"Fiddle Fern"
wall sculpture
approx. 26 inches
"Tako Reef"
wall sculpture
Approx. 12 inches
on display at NJM Gallery
"Out of this world"
wall sculpture
Approx. 8 inches
"Hornet Nest"
wall sculpture
Approx. 14 inches
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Hammerhead Reef

Approx. 14 inches tall
"Clowing around"
Approx. 18  inches.

On display at Wheaton Arts NJ
Squid Garden
Approx. 16 inches
"Happy Couple"
Approx. 16  inches.